We gather the expertise of global leading executive search firms and adapt those best practices to our differential mission in focusing on a smaller number of clients serving them with an unparalleled level of closeness and attention, becoming not only their trusted advisor, but their devoted ambassador.

C-Suite Search

At Board & Leaders, we understands how critical is to find the right C-Suite executive. A professional who not only possess the right background and experiences, but also whose core values align with your unique culture and environment.

We take the time to understand your company, your business and the competitive landscape. This in-depth knowledge is crucial to represent you properly when reaching top caliber candidates. It also minimizes the chances of failure in recruitment due to culture clash.

In our creed, we never take advantage of a project, we do not reach candidates out of the scope and never use the past projects as a selling tool.

Corporate Governance

The appointment of a nonexecutive director is a crucial decision for any company.

Matching the required strategic direction of your organization with the right blend of experience and skills in your board is key to a successful corporate governance. Understanding the potential needs and establishing the right matrix of competences for the group is key to spot which capacities must be reinforced as a team and covered by new members.

Board & Leaders ensures you a seamless recruitment process, reaching the right caliber candidates and advising you throughout the journey.

Needless to say, confidentiality in these processes is a must. Our differential internal methodology will ensure it.

As trusted advisors of board and committee chairs, we provide counsel on board and CEO succession planning, as well as board performance.


The B&L proprietary assessing model goes beyond measuring abilities and experience adding the prediction of future potential.

Our unique proprietary model is the result of two decades assessing top tier candidates. We differentiate ourselves through our accuracy which comes from two different angles: our innovative process and state-of-the-art technology.
The assessment exercise is composed by the following.

  • Personal competency-based interview, led by a senior partner of Board & Leaders and by an external well reputed top executive relevant to the project or the position assessed. We have agreements with prominent executives covering several sectors and functions.
  • Innovative psychometric testing methodology using virtual reality, a truly immersive journey that will lead the candidate through real situations. This improves the accuracy when measuring the culture fit with your company as well as their inner leadership styles.
    Results are always delivered under the lens of how we can help the assessed candidates grow individually and as team.